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Short Prom Dresses

We found 52 items of Short Prom Dresses!

You've been cracking the books all year long, you've practically been nothing but a scholar. With prom just around the corner it's definitely time to let yourself loose and have some fun. There's nothing in all the world that's more fun than shopping for your prom dress! Our short prom dresses are just the kind of flirtatious fun you've been dreaming of when you've been thinking of your prom night. You want to be the life of the party, whirling, twirling, and dancing your prom night away. Hey, who knows? You might even end up being prom queen! Our short prom gowns are available in a generous collection of colors and styles. We're confident that we can offer a prom dress that will flatter every body type as well as make you feel and look gorgeous. Short dresses are also perfect for the springtime, when the weather is warm, maybe even hot, and you want to stay cool all night long.

One of our short prom dresses is sure to be the envy of all your classmates. Short prom gowns make you look like the girl that everyone wants to spend the entire evening with. Our dresses come in a stunning variety of color, from bold, passionate reds to every shade of playful purple. We offer sweetheart strapless gowns which embrace your bust line and enhance your assets. We also have gowns which are form fitting and will cling to and accentuate all of your voluptuous curves. This type of dress will create a strikingly sexy look for you, and is sure to attract the attention of the prom king. We also offer A line dresses that flair out, swirl and whirl around you, as you work on your dance moves on the dance floor. This is a playfully flirty look that will turn heads and draw all eyes to you and your fun loving nature as you party all night long.

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